Live Magic Show in Newmarket Ontario

The month of March is almost out and spring is finally here in Ottawa.

As you can see by a recent snapshot dated March 22, we still have a bit of snow! I am hopeful that it melts fast and the parks become walkable around the ByWard Market, where my magic workshop is based.


I am also very excited as we get closer and closer to my magic show in Newmarket Ontario April 12, 2014. This will be the first time I have appeared in my home town of Newmarket since July 2003. Interestingly enough when I do a quick search for the term "Alexander Newmarket Magic Show" I get my own site, but then an old listing from the Town of Newmarket appears advertising my last show! It's quite amazing: 


Check out this historic announcement of Alexander the Great's Magic Show It looks like the Internet knew me a while back - before I had my own website established!

If you happen to be in the Toronto-area around April 12 feel free to find out more about the magic show at this link.

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