Watch this amazing magician, Shin Lim amazin Penn and Teller.


This is a truly beautiful act.


By Alexander the Great Magician


Hi there everyone,


I've been working on new promotional videos for quite some time for this site. One of the first aspects of the site that I built out was the selection of magic videos. I felt that if people could see my magic being performed in front of a real audience it would give a much better idea of what my magic show was about and I was right.

Today I'm very excited to show new magic videos that I have been collecting from my magic shows in and around Ottawa


Check them out today and let me know what you think!



By Alexander the Great Magician


I often only perform my magic show for kids and adults around the Ottawa-area so if you are looking to locate another magician around Canada I found a nifty resource.


Here is a list of Canadian Magicians - however I haven't heard of many of these fine performers so caveat emptor! 


As always if youre looking for a great magic performance around Ottawa feel free to drop me a line to find out more about my fun children's magic show. 

By Alexander the Great Magician

In this clip The Great Caplan performs his comedy, music and magic routine at the Magic Castle in 2004. This type of original, classic entertainment is not often seen these days so enjoy.


He will actually be visiting Ottawa to give a lecture for our local Magic club. Very exciting - I hope to be able to go and meet this creative genius! 


By Alexander the Great Magician


This summer I've been performing magic shows for many summer camps in Ottawa and it has been very exciting.


Today I will be doing a magic birthday party Today right near one of my previous locations for my show. My kids magic show is a magic act I have been working on since I was a kid! I started performing magic many years ago, but I'm still working on the same magic act - specifically tailored for the interests and attentions spans of children. 


Get in touch today if you're interested in booking your own kids magic show!

This summer I have had the chance to perform for a few exciting camps and summer events. The kids magic show I perform is great for groups up to around 40-50 children although I usually am performing much smaller shows in homes for birthday parties. 

The excitement level of young chlidren is so high I always really love seeing their reactions and listening to what they have to say. Just last week, after my show all the camps were going off to eat their lunches. And while the kids were all lining up they were finding ways to chat with me by yelling across the gym. My favourite comment was from one little boy, holding up his lunch bag who yelled out "ALEXANDER, I'M GOING TO GO EAT MY LUNCH NOW!"

Hahahaha, amazing - I was pretty hungry at that point myself. I managed to yell back a: "Bon Appétit" and I finished packing up my magical props from my magic show to head out to lunch . . .

Summer Camp Magic Show for Kids in Nepean Ottawa


Watch this awesome rubrics cube trick! Amazing!


Try to ignore the noise, its a bit busy at this magic convention. In this clip Boris Wild does a crazy-impossilbe card prediction.

A few quick photos from the magic show I performed in Newmarket a few months back. Its late, but I'm finally getting to edit the video to add to my magic videos section.


Stay tuned, but for now:



I am often reading very diverse material, from technology to arts and one recent article really struck me. I've recently arrived back in Ottawa (which is good since I have a few kids magic shows lined up next week :-) and I wanted to share something.

The article was speaking about a juggler who worked for years and suddenly switched job direction. After perfecting juggling why move on to a different domain?


One section really struck a chord with me:


But then came a guy who wasn’t interested in lying, who wanted to do stuff that was hard because he could. This was his power in the world and he wanted to exert it — the basic impulse of any athlete. Yet he never really found his audience, even though he conquered juggling’s demands like no one before him. Gatto learned how to stand calm and straight-backed beneath sick, dizzying multitudes of spinning, arcing objects and conduct them with model-train precision into his hands. He also learned to charm people, even though it didn’t come naturally to him, as the kiss-the-ball video shows. He gave in. He grew to accept the necessity of kissing the ball and lobbing it gently into the crowd with a grin. He also learned to make hard tricks look hard, to pantomime the exertion and self-doubt of a man working at the edge of his ability even though his ability stretched on and on. He learned to entertain, because for some reason, even though we exist in a physical universe defined by the relative attractive powers of massive objects, the mere demonstration of a lush and lovely control of gravity is not enough. He labored to please an audience that could never appreciate his greatness. Then he got older and watched a new wave of jugglers abandon the stage for the flicker of computer screens, sneering at the bright-light mastery he’d worked so hard to gain.
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