Magic for Kids in the Summer

This summer I have had the chance to perform for a few exciting camps and summer events. The kids magic show I perform is great for groups up to around 40-50 children although I usually am performing much smaller shows in homes for birthday parties. 

The excitement level of young chlidren is so high I always really love seeing their reactions and listening to what they have to say. Just last week, after my show all the camps were going off to eat their lunches. And while the kids were all lining up they were finding ways to chat with me by yelling across the gym. My favourite comment was from one little boy, holding up his lunch bag who yelled out "ALEXANDER, I'M GOING TO GO EAT MY LUNCH NOW!"

Hahahaha, amazing - I was pretty hungry at that point myself. I managed to yell back a: "Bon Appétit" and I finished packing up my magical props from my magic show to head out to lunch . . .

Summer Camp Magic Show for Kids in Nepean Ottawa

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