Practice Friday

Practice makes perfect!

Someone very clever once said: "A magician is an actor, playing the part of a magician" and I could not agree more! Magic is a performance art and as such takes on an actor-spectator format readily. Everything the magician says at the beginning of the trick will set up the magic that is about to unfold.

Many magicians feel that the beginning of the trick is the most vital moment in a trick. Just like the first act of a play or film sets up all the events that become resolved in the third act, the opening lines of patter that a magician chooses for his audience set up all the mystique and prestidigitation as either magic or trickery.

With this in mind I set out upon a simple mission today. To add illusions to my act that are truly astonishing. Enjoy what may follow!

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  • Great first post . . . shameless promotion.


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