Still working on videos, last weekend report

Well I was at dows lake for a few hours on Monday. Fantastic weather, and enough shade to practice a few new tricks. The family of 5 that stopped under the tree for a bit was the highlight; they really enjoyed my professors nightmare (magicians nightmare in my books though!).

It gave me more confidence to focus on this trick once again. I have Richard Sander's routine Three Ropes and a Baby but am still working on polishing it up and memorizing the last couple phases. The "public's" reactions to these, at least in my mind, simple, vapid illusions was inspiring.

While I always strive to truly astonish people when possible, I must never loose touch with the effectiveness of simple tricks.

A few tricks I want to add to my repetoire ASAP:

  1. Three Ropes and a Baby
  2. Oz Perlman's Ambitions Card explanation DVD (I believe this is a four phase, standard ambitious card routine broken down simply)
  3. Stigmata (in particular with names and numbers, but cards are also excellent for this effect)

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