Always something exciting going on

By Alexander the Great Magician

This week should bring in a few interesting things. My studies have begun once again at Carleton University; I'm in my final year of film studies. This does not mean I am keeping quiet in the magic world! Here's a quick update on what's going on in my world:

  • This month marks the end of my "Summer Company" educations sessions and entrepreneurship support. I am very excited to finish this experience. It was an extremely educational and rewarding experience that I would repeat if I could. I also encourage anybody with a business idea in Ontario to apply to this program (if you are a student). I cannot say enough good things about this experience.
  • I have five shows on the books currently. This is very excited. It was barely three months ago that I was wandering into the Party Mart store in South Keys here in Ottawa and I got my first gig. Just goes to show the power of applying your talents to generate revenue. I'm amazed at the rate of growth considering my two largest sources of advertising are my homemade wordpress homepage which you are visiting now, and a couple very hard working employees handing out my cards at the Party Mart in Orleans.
  • I just made a new magic purchase. I've spent almost nearly $100 dollars preparing the supplies for this stunt. This effect is a very dangerous curiosity that I have discovered which I am excited to begin sharing with the world. New purchases always give me that warm and fuzzy feeling :) I'll be slowly growing my close-up repertoir as we reach closer and closer to the new year. Get ready for 2010 because I'm going to be doing a whole new kind of exciting magic.

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