Easier and Easier to Find

By Alexander the Great Magician

In general the promotional sites for a magician are not popular web destinations. Most of the people visiting my site are looking for entertainment or got lost on google somehow. For more and more visitors of this site though, they are about to find out about an Ottawa magician that is becoming more and more popular every year.

My website for Alexander the Great has been getting more and more hits as the months go on. Generally the first couple months get many hits, from web development and other testing, then as the actual site gets used, the hits drop off. After you have emailed all your friends, the real hits that matter start to come in. My site was the same for the first two months. Then, as I moved over to a wordpress platform to manage my business I needed to visit the website myself less.

My site happens to focus exclusively on keeping up with my work as a magician and this is a quick rundown of what we will be focusing on in the next few months.

  1. Photo Gallery. This is one I've wanted for a little while and hopefully in 2010 this site will have a web gallery where some nice photographs from my performances can be found.
  2. Halloween Promo Video: I recently did a kids Halloween show for a large community group and I'm waiting to edit and post it to YouTube and this site.
  3. Extra promotional Video. This is some stuff that I want to film in a nicer atmosphere, with some friends of mine showing off some of the more visual effects that I'm starting to perform. I really try to perform a very expensive, high-end blend of mentalism and magic for adults and I want some video to support all the work I'm doing in this field of magic.

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