Registration Confirmed; December Season Done

By Alexander the Great Magician
I have finally saved enough funds to purchase my registration for the Magic-Con convention in San Diego in March 2010. I'm very excited to be travelling with a group for 3 other magicians from Canada.

Also, the warm California weather will be perfect for the final terms season stress. Hopefully some time will be spent in a pool and in the warm weather, let's hope it doesn't rain, and if my success continues, an extended vacation after the convention! It would be great to connect with some people from Carleton that I knew from residence that moved back to California, a perfect excuse for a road-trip or excursion!

Also Friday concluded my December season at 3pm when I finished my last corporate gig downtown Ottawa, minutes from the Parliament. I am so happy for everyone that found me and booked me this year because it helped me develop my magic and make my show stronger.

Some first's this year:
-getting gigs for adult magic
-1 hour act of close up magic
-print advertising
-page 1 results on google for being an "ottawa magician"

Not to mention I have learned dozens of new tricks that I can drop in and out of my walk-around sets.

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