Seasons Greetings or, Magicians take holidays too

By Alexander the Great Magician

As we reach the end of the December season many people are entering a time of reflection and planning for the new year. In the world of magic this is not the same.

As I think back to all the great children's birthday parties, Diwali celebrations, corporate gigs and even a couple private engagements, I can't help but be excited to start outdoing myself next year. After all, I am Alexander "the Great" Magician, not Alexander the "as good as last year" Magician).

Some of my projects over the last few days in December:

-Read a book on Cold Reading (every great magicians secret weapon, or did you already know about it? hehe)

-Planning for my New Years Eve party Downtown Ottawa, I'm planning to DJ as well so this requires more prep then any other regular party at my place

-See some shows here in Toronto before I head back to Ottawa.

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