David Blaine: How I held my breath for 17 min

By Alexander the Great Magician

I just saw this video aired last night. It goes into detail into the process that David Blaine does his super human stunts. While it doesn't explain any magic methods it describes a lot of the attitude behind doing these miracles.


  • Adrian, I’m glad you love magic, but Criss Angel isn’t a magician, he’s an entertainer on TV. :) I’ll show you some real magic tricks and show you the difference some day I hope!

  • Blaine is not the best magician but i can say that he has great showmanship and i like his show “-”

  • David Blaine has very good showmanship and his magic tricks are good too..,:

    Ashton Cox
  • I agree, I had the chance to see him in person at a magic convention in San Diego last March and he definitely impressed me, I totally had perceived the wrong image about him before this video and that convention! Yet another great magician of our time!

  • i like the magic tricks of David Blaine but Chris Angel is much better.-*~

    Adrian Morgan

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