Ottawa Magic Meets San Diego

By Alexander the Great Magician

March 17, Ottawa

I'm sitting at the airport looking out at the tarmac. The morning sun is shining across the spiffy United Express aeroplane that I will be boarding in 20 minutes. The customs officer wanted to know if I had a trick to show. But since I'm in a t-shirt I clearly have nothing up my sleeves.

Security wasn't too much of a big deal, the xray guy asked me if I had books in my bag, my carton of bicycle cards must have looked odd at the side of my bag. I hardly packed any magic tricks with me, but there is a good reason for this. First, there is going to be no shortage of stuff to watch. Second, the more I can do with less the better.

If I can walk into a room and do a trick with whats on the tables then I can certainly perform magic with props. Last year I often said during my act "I like to twist reality with words first, then sneak in some magic with props; it comes as a surprise that way." (credits: Lennart Green)

Well, I better wrap up this message, and change my voice mail message for the week! ;-)

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