Hire a Children's Entertainer in Ottawa

Kids are notorious for having a short attention span and an insatiable curiosity. I am always amazed at the depth of a child's curiosity. This tends to cause some problems during weddings and parties where kids get BORED.

Magician in front of children

If you consider the average television program is only 22 minutes long and is broken up with breaks in between its incredible that we ask children to sit through a six hour wedding, listening to speeches, waiting for waiters and . . .waiting for a magician.

It's such a great idea to hire entertainment no matter how large or small your group. I remember performing at a wedding where there were only three children. At first I was worried; I was expecting more people. After I was all set up I recognized that these three kids were SO excited for my show.

They knew that they were facing a real magician. They also knew that they had front row seats to his show. I became more relaxed and started my show and then something strange happened.

All of the adults became excited during the tricks. My small audience of three was actually a room full of adults. Even though I was performing for only these three children, I realized I was actually performing with these children. Another great event in Ottawa thanks to somebody having the bright idea to call a professional Children's Entertainer.

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