Magician in the Ottawa area

By Alexander the Great Magician

This weekend has been very busy in terms of shows. Yesterday I performed for the Harvest House 23rd Annual Recover Cup and I was able to get a few videos of my performance that I will post shortly.

Today I was performing for a private party and the father of one of the children came up after the show to tell me that he used to be a magician in the Ottawa area like me. Very cool to have so many magicians locally.

Earlier this weekend on Twitter @LeeAsherMagic was talking about the arrival of the Buck twins in Canada for some workshops and lecturing. His reply to me was the following: "Agreed 100%! @alexandermagic @LeeAsherMagic it's exciting to have so many young, talented magi in Canada right now!" Indeed so much young (and old) talent in Canada right now.

Magically yours,
Alexander Massaad

P.S. Here is a few pictures of my show where I performed for a crowd of over 50 this weekend, videos coming from the show soon UPDATE: Videos Online here:

Outdoor Magic Show
Magician in front of children
Magician fooling child
Kid and Magic Wand

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