Lots of Magic around Ottawa

By Alexander the Great Magician
November 12, 2010 Ottawa, Ontario

I have been really busy lately with my studies at Carleton U and driving out and about across the city. But enough bragging, where's the proof? Well it just so happens that my iPhone has a geotagging feature that maps out places I have taken pictures. Sometimes, such as the Harvest House magic video that I just put together, and other times its weird locations or sights along the road that I've bothered to stop and take a picture of, either way here are the maps from this past season:

Map showing geotagged photos around Ottawa
and for proof that I've been studying here is a closer view of showing Carleton:
Map showing geotagged photos within Ottawa

I have also been collecting a few testimonials over the past few months and plan to display a page on my website with those soon, so keep your eyes peeled, and if you have enjoyed some of my magic please post in the comments section of this site.

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