Live Performance: NCC Pancake Breakfast Feb 5, 2011

By Alexander the Great Magician
Ottawa, Ontario

Hello and happy New Year everybody!

I am starting off the month of February with a free walk around performance in Ottawa at City Hall February 5, 2011. This will include about an hour of my magic in the lobby of the City Hall of Ottawa downtown on Laurier.

I will be entertaining children with my baffling rope tricks, engaging high school kids with my legendary legerdemain (and other card magic), and keeping the bustling crowds happy during the annual National Capital Commission's Pancake breakfast (sponsored by Enbridge, how nice of them).

I really love the chance to set up at a location and draw people in to my magic. Children are especially easy since they love magic so much but I really love the challenge of stopping adults. For some reason many older people don't want to stop and watch entertainment; perhaps they're afraid that my magic show will be boring, embarrassing or cheesy.

A few months ago I wrote about how being a Magician in the Ottawa area has taken me to some very interesting performances, and some even more interesting audiences. As the weather gets warmer I'll be getting closer and closer to starting my third year in business in Ottawa and I can't wait to keep amazing this city.

In other news, I've been really busy working on music and releasing some of my songs independently (Check out Massaad + Garland's Atmosphere on iTunes) and this has made it a bit hectic at my Ottawa production company. Until the next update some time soon, wishing a mystifying month

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