Dinner Party Magic and Clowning

By Alexander the Great Magician
Ottawa, Ontario

I just finished performing for a fantastic crowd in Quebec. This is a group of adults, young and old, that meet every few months to share food at a local restaurant and share in some local entertainment.

These fun-loving art patrons hired me in February for one of their lovely dinner parties and Victoria and I were lucky enough to be invited for the meal and pre-show entertainment as well.

To start the night there was lots of conversation and new people to talk to, but the big entertainer was Bouchon le clown (contact Bouchon at his website) who provided music from his accordion and entertainment from his balloon sculpting.

After the meal I was to perform my act. I began with a few card effects that do a good job of demonstrating why nobody should play poker with me. I shifted my performance by performing some of my fire effects which always gets a reaction and a shock. After some ropes and a few more miracles I shifted into some of my more complex effects.

By the end of the night I had already spent a fair amount of time with this lovely group and they were more than receptive towards my magical entertainment.

If you're planning a dinner party or similar event in the Ottawa Gatineau area consider hiring local entertainers; the mood of a real artist always improves the mood of the party.

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