Bringing new Magic to Ottawa through education

By Alexander the Great Magician
Ottawa, Ontario

It seems like just yesterday I was blogging and taking pictures on my way to San Diego for Magic-Con 2010. Today I'm enjoying planning my second trip for the same legendary magic conference.

At Magic-Con 2011 I will be spending some time in the sun, but more importantly I will be hearing some very informative lectures and demonstrations. Last year I remember being revived with a sense of amazement and this really encouraged me to begin reading more magic and studying its history more thoroughly. I've been fascinated with magic since I was a child and have learned quite a bit about performing through my years of doing magic shows at children's birthday parties yet I still love finding out new stories and techniques from other magicians.

Hopefully I'll follow with a few more stories when I'm en route, along with photos of sunny San Diego, stay tuned for my next update soon!

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