Back and Busy Booking Shows

By Alexander the Great Magician

Hello everyone, I'm back in Ottawa after my recent trip to Magic-Con in San Diego. Since I left I've noticed many people have been looking for magic shows in Stittsville, Arnprior and farther away. I do travel so this is not a problem.

Back to San Diego, here are some pictures from the balcony where I was staying:

While this convention doesn't specifically contribute to my main work, children's magic shows, it was a great opportunity to improve my more advanced magic by hearing all the great ideas and also meeting with magicians from around North America and the world.

One of these great thinkers was Lennart Green who is an old favourite of mine. Green is card expert from Sweden who specializes in what I would call "chaotic sleight of hand." His work is incredible and he is the closest thing magic has to a living legend these days. I was very excited to hear see him speak and perform a little.

I think these types of events are massively important for magic. These types of meet ups are very infrequent (only a few times a year do this many magicians gather centrally) and they tend to have a lot of creative people in one place. They often have very late night meetings all over the hotel with magicians exchanging ideas late into the night, its an exciting time for creative card magic.

[caption id="attachment_407" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Lennart Green entertains the crowd of magicians"]Lennart Green at Magic-Con 2011[/caption]

What other sorts of things go on at magic conventions? Well aside from all the stuff I can't tell you about, crazy things like this: an attempt at the worlds largest ribbon spread using everybody's cards.

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