Fall magic update

By Alexander the Great Magician

October is almost here and the cold weather is coming along with Halloween and the holiday season a bit later. If you are planning a Halloween party in Ottawa for your neighborhood or office now would be a perfect time to book a magician book me for that special event :)

I keep intending to post some videos from past events but I keep coming up with other, more important tasks here at Alexander the Great Headquarters. First off I am considering creating a shorter magic act, around 30 minutes long, that I would be able to set up instantly.

I currently require around 30 minutes of set up time before my very exciting show can begin. I could never set this awesome stuff up in a shorter amount of time but I could remove two or three of the big preparation tricks and create a whole new sort of magic show that would work great at school Fun Days, picnics or corporate family events.

Details should be online here soon!

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